Stainless Steel Pipe (Palm Oil Mill)
Large Flowmeter Installation
Flow Transmitter Installation & Termination
Temperature Switch Installation & Termination
Pressure Switch & Gauge Installation
Fresh Temperature Sensor (FTS) Installation & Termination
Cable Pulling Laying
Cable Dressing & Cable Termination
Conductivity Sensor Unit (CSU) Installation & Termination
On-Site Main Switchboard (MSB) modification
Busbar Modification
Cable Tray Installation
Gas Detection Sensor Installation & Termination
VRCS and IAS Wiring Modification
Air Pump Unit Installation & Termination
Roof & Cladding Installation
Steam Tracing Installation
Stainless Steel Pipe Installation ( Water Cooling Air Line & Compress Air Line)
Material, Tool & Equipment Transportation Delivery Services

Yee Fong Marine undertook turnkey field installation for Ballast Water Management System, Exhaust Gas Cleaning System and Fresh Water Generator System.

Our team performs piping repairs regulary onboard ship.

MMHE In-house Pipe Contractor
M&E Field Installation
Professional Rigging Services
Install Alfa Laval SOX Cleaning System
Size Matter - Heavy Lifting
Installing Exhaust Line on VLCC Front Discovery
Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) Installation
UV Sterilizer/ Filter System Installation
Automatic Orbital Welding
Pipeline Commissioning
Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning & Maintenance
Heat Exchanger Installation
BV Certified Welder
Automatic Orbital Welding
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